Father Rusty, Exec. Director

Father Rusty, Exec. Director

Dear Friends of St. Martin’s,

Welcome to our third annual Stone Soup Dinner 2013…  “What does hope look like?” 

Have you ever given thought to the role that Hope plays in your life?  What would your life be like without hope?

So many of the clients of St. Martin’s are familiar with expressions like, “lost hope”, “hopeless” or “given up hope.”  Can you imagine your life without hope?  At. St. Martin’s we understand the critical role that Hope plays in the lives of our  clients as they survive and over-come challenging and difficult times… HOPE is often that one thread that keeps our clients alive.

The mission of St. Martin’s recognizes the importance of Hope in partnership with Help…  “to assist homeless and near homeless people by providing resources, opportunities and Hope.”    We asked some of our clients, “What does hope look like for you?”

  • “A warm meal served by someone who doesn’t look down on you.”
  • “A pair of clean socks without any holes and shoes that fit.”
  • “The chance to work.”
  • “My therapist.  He helps me understand… me.”
  • “My case worker who nags, pushes and encourages me.”
  • “A place to sleep that is safe and belongs to me.”
  • “Someone to care about me when I feel alone.”

What does Hope look like?  For people experiencing homelessness their list is pretty basic and simple but only made possible by people like you.  Your generosity makes Hope possible!

With our deep gratitude for your partnership in Help and Hope!

Fr. Rusty

February 2013