Father Rusty, Exec. DirectorWe want to thank you!

Recently an older woman with a walker who has been a long time client of St. Martin’s stopped me on the street to say, “Thank you for everything you all have done to help me get a place to live!” She reminded me of the power of a thank you and the impact of the services St. Martin’s provides to hundreds of people struggling to over-come life challenges and to find their way home.
I wanted to take this opportunity to pass on a few of the “Thank you’s” that St. Martin’s has received and that you have made possible. Thousands of lives touched by the challenges of unforeseen crisis, job loss, mental illness, medical conditions and homelessness – transformed with your generosity and our care into a, “Thank you for helping me change my life.”

• I was getting my car washed a couple of weeks ago and as I stood in line an employee from the car wash came up to me and shook my hand saying, “Thank you for helping me get this job and next week I am moving into my apartment. Thank you!” A life transformed with your generosity and our care!

• A few days ago I was walking through our Behavioral Health/Mental Health Dept. and a young man stopped me to express gratitude for the services he was receiving at St. Martin’s. “I have been depressed for so long that I had forgotten what it felt like to feel good. I feel good, Thank you!” A life transformed with your generosity and our care!

• Three weeks ago I was with our Outreach Team at an early morning outreach and a woman with horrible blisters on her feet approached us for help. She was exhausted and in pain. St. Martin’s nurse cleaned, treated and dressed the blisters and then gave the women clean socks and invited her to drop by St. Martin’s for additional care. The woman, with tears in her eyes said, “Thank you!” Another life transformed with your generosity and our care!

• Yesterday a client who had graduated from a program of St. Martin’s stopped by my office to hand me an envelope and give me an update on what had been happening since he left St. Martin’s. “I got a great job, a good apartment and I got my kids back. I could have never done it without St. Martin’s, Thank you!” After he left I opened the envelope to find a $20 dollar donation to St. Martin’s. Another life transformed with your generosity and our care.

Again and again, your steadfast mission support has been the spark that has ignited hope in the hearts of our community’s most vulnerable.  I am honored to share these words of gratitude from our clients with you, and celebrate the lives you have helped transform through your generosity and our care.
Thank you!
Rusty Sig
Rev. Fr. Rusty Smith, CSB

Executive Director