*Notice: Beginning 2/9/22, all HopeWorks Volunteers must submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination and an attestation form in order to meet federal guideline requirements.  See FAQ below for details.

Due to the federal vaccine mandate, all staff and volunteers must be vaccinated against COVID-19.  As HopeWorks is a Community Mental Health Center, all employees and volunteers are required to be vaccinated for HopeWorks to remain in compliance with the federal mandate for agencies that are healthcare settings receiving Medicare and Medicaid funding.  In addition, all volunteers must maintain social distancing protocols and wear masks while on our campus. 

All volunteers and meal providers must provide HopeWorks’ Chief Human Resources Officer, Vicky Palmer, with a copy of their vaccination card and a signed copy of this attestation form prior to their next scheduled shift or meal drop-off at the Day Shelter.  Please scan and email a copy of your vaccination card to vpalmer@hopeworksnm.org, or contact Vicky via email or phone (505-242-4399 x237) to make arrangements to meet in person. 

Please do not wait until your next scheduled shift to bring your vaccination card – we must have record of vaccination prior to your shift.  The Day Shelter staff will not make copies of your card; it must be done with Vicky.  You will not be permitted to work your shift if we do not have prior record of vaccination on file.

We ask our volunteers to stay for the full length of their scheduled volunteer shift.  If you need to adjust your hours, please let Matt Aranez (505-242-4399, ext 329) know ahead of time.  Should an emergency arise during your shift resulting in an early departure, please let your Shelter contact know.

The sooner we know of a cancellation, the better!  With our online system, you will be able to assign/change/cancel your shifts as needed, but please know that changing or cancelling your shift will affect shelter operations.  If you are cancelling within a 24-hour window of your assigned shift, please contact Matt Aranez as soon as possible so all efforts to cover your shift can be made.

All questions can be directed to either Matt or the Shelter contact during your shift. Matt’s email is maranez@hopeworksnm.org.

We ask that you use your best judgement during this time and don’t put yourself in any harm, but please let us know if you won’t be coming so that we can make alternate plans.

We welcome volunteers 18+ in the Day Shelter during operating hours.  Outside operating hours or at other sites, we welcome volunteers ages 12+.  Children ages 12-17 must be accompanied by an adult.

Mary began volunteering in January 2017.  She saw the need to help in the community and wanted to be hands-on in her efforts to combat homelessness and food insecurity.  Mary truly believed in mission through action, and she can often be found in our kitchen serving meals to clients.  She knows many by name and makes a point to connect with them every week when she volunteers.  Thank you, Mary, for your continued support and desire to serve!

Meet Mary , Volunteer

HopeWorks is located at 1201 Third Street NW.  Look for a two-story, white building with a turquoise staircase.  Enter on the ground floor, and check in at the front desk. See the map for more information!