Statement regarding COVID-19 and volunteering with HopeWorks

HopeWorks places the utmost importance on the safety of all our clients, staff, and volunteers.  Please be assured that all of the necessary precautions and prevention measures have been implemented, to ensure that both our staff, volunteers, and our clients – who are deeply vulnerable to this exposure – are safe and protected. One of our top priorities is preventing the transmission of the coronavirus among the people we serve.

Much is unknown about the impact that COVID-19 will have on our campus, but we are working hard to ensure prevention and preparation. On campus, including at our shelter, we are continuing to implement the proper cleaning methods and adhering to the guidelines as recommended by the NMDOH and the CDC. At the present moment, our campus operations will continue as normal, including meal provider service and volunteer shifts. If there is any status change, whether at HopeWorks or on a local, state or federal level, we will immediately inform you and take all necessary further steps to care for those serving and those seeking service.

As volunteers of the agency, you decide whether to cancel your volunteer service. If you wish to keep your scheduled volunteer hours, please remember to adhere to good hygiene practices including washing your hands, covering your coughs, being mindful of touching your face after coming into contact with others. We have signs posted around campus regarding these practices and also have gloves available for those who would like them.

Our shelter has always and will continue with the following hygiene/sanitation practices:

• Using bleach and antibacterial disinfectant on all common surfaces.
• Requiring the use of gloves, aprons, and hair coverings in the kitchen.
• Continuously wiping down and cleaning all surfaces and common areas before and after activity.

Do not hesitate to call/email if you have any questions or concerns. We welcome the opportunity to have a conversation with you. If you are not feeling well for any reason, we understand and ask you to stay home and heal.  If you have been ill recently and you need to cancel your shift, please just contact us.

Your health and safety are extremely important to us.  We truly treasure your amazing dedication and service!  Thank you for all you do and provide!

Contact information: Emma Lewis, Volunteer and In-Kind Resource Coordinator
Phone: 505-242-4399, ext 329.

We ask our volunteers to stay for the full length of their scheduled volunteer shift.  If you need to adjust your hours, please let Emma Lewis (505-242-4399, ext 329) know ahead of time.  Should an emergency arise during your shift resulting in an early departure, please let your Shelter contact know.

The sooner we know of a cancellation, the better!  With our online system, you will be able to assign/change/cancel your shifts as needed, but please know that changing or cancelling your shift will affect shelter operations.  If you are cancelling within a 24-hour window of your assigned shift, please contact Emma Lewis as soon as possible so all efforts to cover your shift can be made.

All questions can be directed to either Emma or the Shelter contact during your shift. Emma’s email is

We ask that you use your best judgement during this time and don’t put yourself in any harm, but please let us know if you won’t be coming so that we can make alternate plans.

We welcome volunteers ages 12+.  Children ages 12-16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Mary began volunteering in January 2017. She saw the need to help in the community and wanted to be hands-on in her efforts to combat homelessness and food insecurity. Mary truly believed in mission through action, and she can often be found in our kitchen serving meals to clients. She knows many by name and makes a point to connect with them every week when she volunteers. Thank you, Mary, for your continued support and desire to serve!

Meet Mary , Volunteer

HopeWorks is located at 1201 Third Street NW.  Look for a two-story, white building with a turquoise staircase.  Enter on the ground floor, and check in at the front desk. See the map for more information!