Thank you for choosing to attend our virtual event.  Through your ticket purchase, you have helped HopeWorks continue serving those in need.  We hope you enjoyed all of the content leading up to tonight.  We are excited to share a virtual evening with you!*

On this exclusive page, you will be able to access the Facebook group, menu recipes, event trailer, event program, raffle announcement, and after party trivia challenges.

*This event does not have an in-person zoom/video component. 

Contest Winner Announcements

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Thank you for participating in our Social Distancing Ball  activities!  You will find all of our current winner announcements above.  We want to offer every registered guest who was pictured in one of the “Dress to Impress” photos a handmade bowl or plate from New Mexico Clay.  We hope this will commemorate your participation in a thoughtful way.  We will announce the last trivia after party results on Wednesday, June 17th.

  Dress to Impress Photo Collages


Content Calendar (dates subject to change)

Ongoing 6/3 6/5 6/10 6/11
Tickets, exclusive page,
Facebook group access
Guess the location challenge #1 Guess the location challenge #2 Menu with recipes
from Street Food Institute
Event Trailer Video
6/12 6/13 6/14 6/15 6/16
Event program,
dessert raffle, dress to impress
After party trivia challenge
After party trivia challenge
After party trivia challenge
Follow-up with
event photos
and how much we raised

Contest and Raffle Prizes

Winners of our “Guess the Location” challenges will receive a HopeWorks swag package.  If you are selected, we will send you an email and coordinate the delivery of your items.

The best dressed winner of our event attire contest will receive a handmade bowl from New Mexico Clay.  If you are chosen, we will email you and set up a time to deliver your one-of-a-kind item.

All ticket holders have been entered into a raffle.  The winner will be announced on Friday, June 12th, in tandem with our other day-of content release.  The raffle winner will be chosen at random and receive a homemade dessert, crafted by Annam Manthiram, our Development Director.  If your name is drawn, we will send you an email asking about your preferences and any dietary restrictions.

Ticket holders who correctly answer the questions featured in any of our  3 trivia challenges will have the opportunity to choose from a number of prizes on a first come, first serve basis.  Our pool of prizes to choose from includes one of four $25 gift cards to the Yeller Sub, a tea sampler, and a salsa garden seed kit.  If you win, we will contact you and ask what prize you prefer and how you would like it delivered.