Question #1

In what year was HopeWorks founded?

Answer #1


Question #2

Approximately how many people does HopeWorks serve every year?

Answer #2


Question #3

Which of the following best represents our current operating budget: a). $5 million b). $10 million c). $15 million?

Answer #4

$10 million

Question #4

What percentage of our expenses are spent on fundraising?

Answer #4


Question #5

Which of the following services do we not offer at the day shelter? a). mail b). shower c). overnight shelter d). clothing e). storage f). meals g). pet food

Answer #5

c). Overnight Shelter

Question #6

True or False. You have to be homeless to receive Behavioral Health services at HopeWorks.

Answer #6

False, anyone can receive services.

Question #7

How many individuals will be housed in the new single site project?

Answer #7


Question #8

According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, what fraction of the homeless population in the U.S. is living with some form of mental illness?

Answer #8


Question #9

What is the name of the HopeWorks program that rapidly rehouses homeless families with children?

Answer #9

Hope Found