It is time to talk seriously about ending homelessness!  It is time to take action and make change happen!


For far too long we have allowed ourselves to stand frozen and concerned but struggling without adequate funding for solutions we know work to end homelessness.  In the last 4 years St. Martin’s has built strong relationships with the State of New Mexico, City of Albq. and so many amazing non-profit partner organizations and together… we have implemented solution based programs and things are changing for the better but there is still much that must be done so that no one is left behind!

 But things are changing…

 But now things are changing and attention/resources are being focused on providing and funding services for people who are homeless and dealing with mental health issues.

But now things are changing and we are talking about mental illness, mental health and drug addiction in our community without shame and/or judgment.

But now things are changing and city leadership is asking us all to get involved, stay involved and work together to build unified solutions to help the people who survive on the margins of our community.

But now things are changing and law enforcement is striving to restore our trust and our partnership in helping our community be safe for all citizens.

But now things are changing and we are no longer silent in the face of a crisis that lives on our streets… people who just want to find their way home and who need our help.

are changing and if we keep doing everything we can…  we can end homelessness!

There is a great lesson for all of us who fight and struggle daily to end homelessness…

Be impatient with solutions that ask for patience. 

Be impassioned with people that ask us to be calm and detached. 

Be visible for people who struggle to be seen and heard. 

Be the change you want to see!


Rev. Fr. Rusty Smith, CSB

Executive Director/Mission Manager

St. Martin’s Hospitality Center