Each of our two vans can accommodated 10 workers for a total of 20 per day. Both vans were almost always at full capacity! Both vans went out 5 days a week (M-F).

Workers were paid $10 and hour and they were paid in cash at the end of the work day.

Each work day consisted of 5 paid hours and a 30 minute unpaid lunch break. Lunch was provided at the work site.

All of the job tasks were assigned by the City Solid Waste Management Dept. One van went to the City Landfill each day to help pick up wind-blown trash and debris and help tear open bags of Greenwaste. The other van was sent to various sites throughout the City to do trash and weed removal from City-owned land (often vacant City lots, medians, roadsides, etc.). Locations varied each day.

Van drivers screened possible participants on the spot. When they pulled up to a person that was panhandling they did a quick assessment of physical ability. They asked if the person has been released from the hospital for medical reasons in the last week as well as if they were under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. Finally they asked if the person was willing and able to complete 5 hours of manual labor. We did not conduct background checks. We did however limit the number of times an individual could work each week to only 2 days/week so that we provided the opportunity to work to as many people as possible.

This program ran for all 12 months out of the year. The City would occasionally cancel work for the day if the weather was too cold/snowy or if there was non-stop torrential rain, all of which are extremely rare in Albuquerque.

Unduplicated workers from 2015- 2019
Client pictured is not actual client.