This story comes out of our Job Development Program!

Angie came to job development in January of 2014. She was staying at a local shelter and was looking for employment. She is receiving social security disability and just wanted something part-time to help get her into her own apartment and to bring her cats to live with her from Colorado.

Her friend is taking care of her cats and she was sending money every month to help her friend feed her cats. She started to get frustrated with the lack of employment she could do in Albuquerque. She was doing day labor but it wasn’t enough. She wanted permeant employment but was unsure if she wanted to stay in New Mexico.

Angie then decided to go back to her hometown of Cape Cod, Mass. She left in April. In June, the Job Developers were just talking about Angie. They were wondering if she was able to get into her housing and to get reunited with her cats. A few days later Angie showed up at the Job Development office. She was excited to be back and had her “mojo” back. She continued to do day labor and even got a temp job at Ole’; canvassing for the upcoming election. When that finished, we decided to send her to a local call center and apply. Angie got the job!!!!!!! After she received her first check she was able to get her apartment. We helped her get items from Gift Givers Anonymous. Her apartment isn’t fully furnished yet, but it is getting there.

Angie had also saved enough money to rent a car to go pick up her cats. Now her home feels complete and she is very grateful to have her babies (cats) back in her care.