In July 2014, we revamped our motel voucher program. As most of you know, in the past, the motel voucher was used by clients as a form of respite. What this meant is clients would line up to get their name on a list to and each week a certain few were selected to stay for a period of time at the motel. It became apparent that each time they left the hotel, they were going right back in to the situation they came from. Of course, we all agree, respite is good for our clients and often much needed. However, in an attempt to assist these clients in bettering their lives in the long run, it was decided that the motel rooms would be used for clients who are actively in the housing search. In other words, each client that exited the hotel would leave directly to their own home. Referral forms were given out to CSWs in behavioral health and job development. The word was also put out in to the community that we will take referrals from other agencies who have clients in the housing search. It has been exciting to see clients faces when they realize their immediate problem, homelessness, is being “solved” by knowing they have a bed to sleep on in this hotel. Since the re-vamping of the hotel voucher program, we have been able to assist 30 clients with a voucher until they are permanently housed. So, this is not necessarily a success story about one particular client, but instead a success story of 30 clients who were able to know they have a warm place to stay while they transition in to their new life.