Today’s Mission Monday story is about a client called “Dorothy.” Dorothy is one of those clients who once you meet the first time you know you will have a friend forever! Through the Heading Home program Dorothy has been housed since February 2014.

Dorothy was referred to Heading Home by another client who had received housing and had promised to assist her when she was settled herself and this client stuck to her word.

She came from Texas and became disabled and was no longer able to make a living for herself or pay for housing. Having little family in the area and limited resources, Dorothy became homeless and resorted to living on the streets. The Heading Home program has forever changed Dorothy’s life. Dorothy was introduced to Teddi from Heading Home who helped her apply for food stamps, disability and got her in the housing program, where she was housed very quickly!

The thing that stands out about Dorothy is her optimism, attitude and happiness! When I do a home Visit with Dorothy I’m amazed on how well she has coped with the things she has been through. Dorothy is not young and her resiliency shines through and is an inspiration to not only me but many others. After being in the Heading Home program for 9 months, I got Dorothy set up with a Home Team, which is a group of volunteers who socialize, help and give a helping hand to the Heading Home clients. I’ve noticed that Dorothy is a lot happier, enjoys socializing with her Home Team and is a very popular client with the volunteers! Dorothy also attends our Peer to Peer luncheons we have once a month with Heading Home and is always laughing and cracking jokes to lighten the mood.

Dorothy is one of those people who don’t ask for much but are forever grateful for what they have and for those who have helped her get through some of the toughest times in her life. She now has a better relationship with her daughter and is getting out more and socializing which has helped her tremendously. Dorothy recently told me, “I came from nothing, but now I have everything!”

At the recent Heading Home Thanksgiving Luncheon, Dorothy and her friend spotted each other and sat down to eat. Dorothy explained that she had not recognized her friend as she had just spent 30-days in Turquoise Lodge and looked like a completely different person.

Both Dorothy and her friend remain in stable housing.