This mission story comes from the Shelter, as told by our Shelter Director Linda.

Almost 2 years ago, a mom Sherry & her daughter  Jazz, moved to NM from Texas.  They  moved  here  to be with Jazz’s boyfriend.  They were here about 5 months when the boyfriend threw them out.

They started looking for shelter and people on the street referred them to St. Martin’s.  Sherry was waiting on her appeal about collecting her Social Security Income and Jazz was job hunting. We spoke to them about all the resources in Albuquerque, especially St. Martin’s.  Jazz was working Day Labor jobs until Job Development found her a permanent job.  They alternated between shelters & motels.

Jazz met & started dating one of our clients named  Scott.  Scott & Jazz fell in love & this motivated Scott to get a job. Sherry still came to the shelter a lot while the younger adults were working.  They continued living in shelters  but still went to motels now & then.  They were saving money to get an apartment.

In February 2014, Sherry got her first check & lots of back pay. They found a nice 3 bedroom house to rent in the CNM neighborhood. Jazz is now 6 months pregnant but is still working, just part time. Sherry & Jazz still come into the shelter every couple of weeks. They visit with everyone and actually talk to other female clients on how to set goals.  They tell the women how to ask for help and how to set and accomplish goals.  The clients are listening & hopefully this will motivate more to take advantage of the opportunities offered.