It is slow small progress steps that are huge successes for my client Mr. H.   Mr. H has been an ACT client for 5 years. Mr. H is socially isolated and very ill with his Schizophrenia, which has greatly diminished his ability to communicate.  Often, no one wants to be in the same room with Mr. H as he has fecal incontinence and the odor can be overwhelming not to mention that he gets the waste on his clothing and hands. When staff met Mr. H, he would not talk to anyone but maybe a word here and there.  Mr. H distrusted most people as he has been taken advantage of and physically harmed by persons with ill intent. Through the years, Mr. H has slowly opened up to ACT staff.  He will request to get his hair cut and told staff he needed a new ID.  Mr. H has even shared that he has bad dreams and reports his mood. Mr. H allowed staff to take him to buy some new clothing as he tends to wear the same pair of clothes for weeks and is very particular about the size of his sweat pants.  Mr. H even participated in the ACT picnic and was showered wearing his new clothing.  Mr. H enjoyed himself and ate several hotdogs and hamburgers! On most days, one will find Mr. H disheveled and quiet, yet there are always the small miracles when he shows trust and allows ACT to help him.  Mr. H has not needed to be hospitalized for his Schizophrenia since his admission to ACT.  He says his mood is “good” and shakes his head no when asked if he had any nightmares.

It’s the small steps our clients take that mean the most and equal success.