CDP has a program mission statement that is as follows:

Casa de Phoenix provides a community atmosphere that fosters personal solutions to each member’s unique challenges as they grow into recovery from substance use and mental health issues.

Our story is then about a 35 yr. old man, Adam.  He came to CDP after being hospitalized for attempting suicide.  What brought him to this point was an argument with his mother where he put his fist through the sliding glass door and so she kicked him out of her house.  Adam was under a bridge drinking and doing meth and decided to cut his wrists to end his life.  He was seen by someone and taken to UNMH where upon discharge he came to CDP.

When assessments were completed, Adam was diagnosed with Amphetamine Dependence, ADHD and Schizophrenia.  Adam has been experiencing hallucinations since he was in his early 20s.  He had a lot of difficulty sitting still during the assessments and waiting for his turn with any interaction.  Adam began doing meth to quiet his brain when he was about 14 yrs. old.  He has not been able to hold down a job and has been experiencing homelessness.

Adam was very enthusiastic about being at CDP and is becoming just a sponge in absorbing all the information provided to him in educational groups, individual therapy and peer support through the 12 Step programs.  Adam has determined that he wants to attempt college and will begin his studies in the Spring Semester at CNM.

Recently, while Adam was assisting a new peer with obtaining some documents in the south valley, he ran into some old acquaintances and places he used to frequent.  This was the case for the peer as well.  Because they were together and supportive of each other’s recovery, they were able to stay strong and use the coping skills that Adam has learned at CDP and make their way back ‘home’ without relapsing.  Adam is working hard to manage his mental illness symptoms and be able to participate fully in the treatment that CDP has to offer.  Adam is the epitome of what clients a CDP go through and progress along the way.