Employment Opportunities

The Employment Services Department consists of several programs that are set up to help our clients gain access to employment and/or daily income. The best way for clients to access these programs is to contact our Employment Services team, which is located inside the Hope Center at 1120 2nd Street NW. The phone number is 505-242-4399.

Job Development: Ext. 303 – (Program Manager/Job Developer)

Our Job Developers provide services such as: resume and cover letter writing assistance, mock interviewing, application assistance (both online and paper formats), basic computer skills training, job referrals and job placement, and assistance with accessing higher education. They can also offer interview clothing, hygiene packs and haircuts, and transportation assistance when applicable. Clients can walk-in from 8:00am-3:00pm Monday – Friday.

DVR Services: Ext. 325 – (DVR Specialist)

HopeWorks has partnered with the NM Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) to provide job development services to individuals with documented disabilities and a desire to work. Our DVR Specialist will make referrals to DVR as appropriate and will then provide specialized job development services to help them obtain gainful employment in the community. The DVR Specialist also screens and refers people for the internship program at Hope Café.

Street Sweeper Program: Ext. 318

HopeWorks has contracted with the City of ABQ to hire clients to clean specific neighborhoods throughout the City.  At this time, we have workers in Nob Hill, Old Town, Barelas and Wells Park neighborhoods. Currently, there are 7 permanent positions; and we always keep at least two others as back-up/on-call workers in case one of the regular employees needs to take time off.

Hope Café: (505) 382-0128

Hope Café is an employment training site for clients that are interested in working, but have little to no employment history or experience. By providing basic, on-the-job training, we are preparing our clients to obtain and maintain employment in the community. Interns are referred by the job development department only and spend up to 6 months learning basic food preparation and customer service skills. Interns are also offered the opportunity to receive various food service related certificates as well. Upon completion of the internship, clients are assisted with finding permanent employment in the community if applicable.

There’s A Better Way Panhandling Program: Ext. 318

HopeWorks has partnered with the City of ABQ to facilitate the There’s A Better Way van program, which runs two vans five days per week, employing up to 20 people per day. The purpose is to identify and find homeless, low income, and underemployed citizens that are panhandling on the street corners. A HopeWorks driver is paid to pick up active panhandlers on the streets and take the workers to worksites that are pre-designated by the City’s Solid Waste Department in order clean up specific areas of the City. The City also provides all safety equipment, goggles, vests, tools, a porta-john and water. The driver remains at the job site to ensure that clients work and to engage with them to see what their needs might be. Workers are then referred to Hope Works as needed. We provide the drivers with sack lunches for the workers from our shelter kitchen. Workers are paid $9.00/hour at the end of each shift. The Driver returns the workers to our administrative building where we pay the clients cash for their day’s work. All workers are referred to Hope Works for additional services and to complete the Coordinated Assessment for housing purposes if appropriate.