Wanda became known to us from a woman named Christine that worked at the Rescue Mission. The first thing Christine asked was, “you have to help this woman, she is my friend.” Christine explained further that she has known Wanda for several years and stated that it was heart breaking to see Wanda year after year at the Rescue Mission and the winter shelter.  When we met Wanda she informed us that she already knew that she would not qualify for any programs that assist in housing people.  Wanda had a negative outlook on the programs that were out there to help people.

Wanda was very discouraged but would regularly check in with the Outreach Team from St. Martin’s.  Wanda would update staff on her health and where she was staying which was at Joy Junction after the winter shelter closed in March 2015.

When the Linkages program became available through St. Martin’s we immediately knew Wanda was a perfect candidate for the program.   At first when given the news that there was a housing opportunity available to her, Wanda did not believe it. We worked with Wanda to get the necessary documents that she needed, she had her housing orientation for the Linkages voucher and had a place picked out within that same week.

Wanda now has a place in downtown and is attending groups at St. Martin’s, she checks in regularly with her CSW. Wanda has applied for SNAP and SSI. Wanda has even enrolled at Brookline College where she hopes to become a medical assistant.  Wanda has flourished with having the stability and opportunity to be housed. Wanda’s goal is to become totally independent and eventually move out of state.

Wanda  – Why I am grateful for St. Martin’s Outreach

I first came into contact with St. Martin’s Outreach team at the Albuquerque West Side Winter shelter. I was interviewed by the outreach tam at the shelter.  I did not at first qualify for any specific services until I was referred to be evaluated to see if I have any mental health issues.  Being diagnosed helped to open doors that would normally be closed to me. This qualified me for a special program called Linkages; I was able to access supportive housing through Bernalillo County Housing.

I am now off the streets and am able to live in safety and peace.   Now that I have a normal life, I now feel confident enough to take the next step toward self-sufficiency. I now attend Brookline College.

-James Boyd Intensive Outreach

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