Our Solution? Housing.

A new home.  A new life.  HopeWorks—for one individual, one family at a time.

The time between when a household experiences homelessness and when they are housed is so critical.  Studies have proven that the sooner we can eliminate this gap (or avoid it all together), the better the overall outcomes for our clients.  We cannot allow their homeless episode to define the trajectory of their future.

Programs like ours have a profound effect on the health and well-being of the individuals we serve.  Our clients are healthier.  They find better jobs.  They are proud in their homes, living with dignity and respect.  They are happier, and they are independent.  And most importantly, they remain strong and healthy, not allowing their homeless episode to take their life away.

Our long-term goals include:

-Engaging strategic partnerships to
address community gaps in service.
-Raising community awareness.
-Enhancing our comprehensive array of services.
-Ensuring best practice approaches.
-Cultivating long-term sustainability.

Bringing hope to thousands in Albuquerque, and beyond.
15,000 New Mexicans served in 2019.