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Mission Story From The Shelter

"Kyle" came to New Mexico in July. He had some severe mental conditions that kept him from understanding the procedures he had to go through to receive services at St. Martin's. However, after talking with our Client Advocate at the St. Martin's Day Shelter he got some help resolving issues [...]

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Mission Story From Outreach

The St. Martin’s Outreach Team had contacted William on a couple of occasions this past spring/early summer of 2016.  We would see him in the area of Wyoming and Central, which is a hot bed location for drug activity and is a corridor for folks experiencing homelessness.  It was not [...]

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Mission Story From Heading Home

Maria and her husband have been homeless for about two years. Maria admits that she has made bad choices which have contributed to her  lack of financial support and homelessness.  Maria and her husband state that after they became homeless they started using heroin to help numb their pain. She [...]

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Mission Story From Housing

Cathy came to Albuquerque from Colorado in 2015 because she was fleeing domestic violence.  She was placed in a shelter for the first few months that she was in town.  She did the Coordinated Assessment through St. Martin's in March of 2015, was placed in St. Martin’s Behavioral Health Program [...]

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Mission Story from “There’s a Better Way”

Mission: To place people into day labor jobs that will supplement their income in order to stabilize their lives, while also connecting them to additional   support services. Sam initially made contact with St. Martin’s Better Way Day Labor program after hearing about it by word of mouth while staying at [...]

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Mission Story from Job Development

Olivia is a 59 year old Hispanic female whom we first met over a year ago.  She entered the Job Development Program at St. Martin’s looking for work.  She was homeless and her only familial support was a younger brother who had his own family to look after.  She spent [...]

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Mission Story from “There’s a Better Way”

Since September 3, 2015, There’s A Better Way Program has provided 932 jobs to an unduplicated 302 people.  At last count, 116 of these people have been connected with various employment opportunities through our Job Development office.  112 people have been connected with behavioral health and substance abuse services, and [...]

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Therapy Mission Story

“Cindy” first presented in my therapy office in a state of crisis – for years now she had been hearing and seeing “funny things” and couldn’t tell what was real.  Cindy showed me her cell phone and began telling me how it had been hacked into.  Cindy wasn’t sure who [...]

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Mission Story From ACT

Barbie entered St. Martin’s Assertive Community Treatment, ACT, in February of 2011. She will turn 60 in October of this year. Barbie has a long time history of mental illness, accompanied by significant homeless issues in the past. Barbie expressed in the past that she had no hope for her [...]

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Mission Story From P.S.R

We are going to name this client Violet.  She is graduating from St. Martin’s PSR, Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program today. After more than four years attending regularly. Violet has come a long way. When she first came to St. Martins she was homeless and pregnant. She was diagnosed with an explosive [...]

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