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Mission Story from Behavioral Health – Michael

Michael entered HopeWorks' Dismas House program in August of 2015.  He was 50 years old at that time and was a self-described alcoholic with a history DUI and a battery conviction. He was also struggling with PTSD.  Michael found himself in a recurring cycle of homeless episodes and incarceration due [...]

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Mission Story From ACT

Like many of the clients who are referred to the HopeWorks ACT Program, Debbie came into the program during a time of great distress. After her and her ex-husband divorced, they had begun a long custody battle over their youngest son. Debbie did not handle this well; because her youngest [...]

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Mission Story From Dismas House

Bob arrived at Dismas House after being incarcerated for two years years. He is well educated, but due to his criminal history he is no longer able to find work in his field of expertise. Nevertheless, Bob remained optimistic and accepting of his situation. By the second week of his [...]

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Mission Story From Therapy

Written by Honor Joseph, LMSW and Therapist at HopeWorks Initially I didn't want to write this story, because I didn't feel like it had the kind of ending we strive for, but then I thought about a hope I’ve seen in this particular person’s eyes when we sit down together [...]

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Mission Story from Covenant House

Sara came to the Covenant House program after being incarcerated for three years. She had a history of domestic violence, drug abuse and was estranged from her family and children. Sara came to Covenant House after being found by Probation and Parole, absconded and overdosed. She would say often that [...]

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Mission Story from Employment Services

Employment plays such a vital role in the lives of HopeWorks clients.  Those that want to work are given the opportunity to earn money in several ways through our Employment Services Department.  This story highlights how much of a difference just a little assistance can help someone in need. A [...]

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Mission Story from There’s a Better Way

Mel had been homeless for almost 25 years, often sleeping in an arroyo and keeping to himself.  Ten years ago, Mel came to the HopeWorks Day Shelter to access services.  Eventually, he started volunteering to help with daily cleaning tasks and took advantage of the $10 daily stipend.  Back then, [...]

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Mission Story from ACT

Sam is a young man who has been with the HopeWorks Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Team for over three years.  Sam has a history of multiple psychiatric hospitalizations and incarcerations. When he first came to be an ACT client, he was resistant to meeting with the ACT Team and would [...]

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Mission Story From The Coffee Shop (now Hope Cafe)

“Working at the Coffee Shop has been a huge part of my recovery and re-socialization.  I credit this work program and HopeWorks for my newly restored confidence. I had been avoiding looking for work because I don't felt confident in my skills.  The Coffee Shop’s internship program has been a [...]

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Mission Story From Covenant House

A Second Chance Five years in prison, after many drug arrests, is what brought Jacey to The Covenant House. Jacey is only 24 years old but wants a new start at life so she chose Covenant House. The Covenant House is for women who want to successfully transition back into [...]

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