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ABQ The Magazine: Outreach and Abraham Placencio

Abraham Placencio spearheads one of the most active outreach initiatives in Albuquerque as the outreach caseworker of St. Martin’s Hopeworks intensive outreach program. Every day, Placencio and his team head across the city from the street corners to locations commonly labeled “not fit for human occupation” – the storm [...]

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Mission Story From CRT

Today’s Mission Story is one of how small, positive steps can eventually lead to large growth. When “Phillip” entered into the St. Martin’s CRT program, his mental health was completely unmanaged. Phillip was dealing with bipolar disorder, which was exacerbated by his traumatic brain injury. This client had great difficultly [...]

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Mission Story From Outreach

      The Winter Shelter houses over 300 individuals seeking shelter in the coldest months of winter.  St. Martin's Hospitality Center seeks to support the residents and staff at the Winter Shelter by providing necessary services and referrals for clients in need of assistance.  These services include performing Coordinated Assessments, Medicaid [...]

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“Experiencing Hope” "Experiencing Hope" video debuted at St. Martin's Hospitality Center's Seventh Annual Stone Soup Gala. All of the work done at St. Martin's would not be possible without your support!

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Mission Story from St. Martin’s Hospitality Center

Michael entered St. Martin's Hospitality Center's Dismas House in August of 2015.  He was 50 years old at that time and was a self-described alcoholic with a history of multiple DUIs and a battery conviction. He was struggling with PTSD.  He also had a history of recurrent homelessness and incarceration [...]

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Mission Story From ACT

Like many of the clients who utilize the St. Martin’s ACT Program, Debbie came into the program during a time of great distress in her life. After her and her ex-husband divorced, they began a long custody battle over their youngest son. Debbie did not handle this well; because her [...]

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Mission Story From Dismas House

Bob arrived at Dismas House after being incarcerated for two years years. He is incredibly educated, but due to his criminal history he is no longer able to find work in his field of expertise. Nevertheless, Bob remained optimistic and accepting of his situation. By the second week of his [...]

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Mission Story From Therapy

Written by Honor Joseph, LMSW and Therapist for St. Martin's Hospitality Center Initially I didn't want to write this story, because I didn't feel like it had the kind of ending we strive for, but then I thought about a hope I’ve seen in this particular person’s eyes when we [...]

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Mission Story from Covenant House

Sara came into our program after being incarcerated for three years. She had a history of domestic violence, drug abuse and was estranged from her family of origin and from her children. Sara came to Covenant House after being found by Probation and Parole, absconded and overdosed. She would say [...]

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