Now is the time…

You know that our approach to raising funds for our much-needed programs is thoughtful, deliberate, and efficient.  Our development team oversees and is responsible for bringing in all of the private revenue for the agency, which enables our agency to be innovative, nimble, and not get bogged down by restrictive practices.

“Restrictive practices” include requiring monies to be used for very specific items without input from us on what we need.  We must then track and report on these expenditures, which is time-consuming.  We know how best to use the funds that are given to us, and we have always put our clients’ needs first.  Just like any viable business, we should be trusted (and have no reason not to be), as we have proven ourselves to be honest stewards of your funds as well as compassionate and authentic partners, always serving the myriad of needs for those without homes.

Moving forward, we insist, as part of our desire to do what is best for our clients and this agency, that we only accept unrestricted donations.  Please read more about our Impact Funds project, which is a bold but necessary way of asking you – our donors – what we specifically need.

As another critical next step in what is best for our clients, we would like to ask that you consider committing to a multi-year, transformational gift. 

A multi-year gift is an unflinching commitment.  You let us know that, year after year, for however many years, you will give us a designated amount of your choosing.  You are demonstrating your utmost trust and love for us, for however long we need, so that we may continue helping those without homes.  You recognize that the issue is deep-rooted and racist, and it will require patience, fortitude, and devotion.

We want to move past archaic, oppressive systems of control, in which funders and donors tell us how to manage our funds and why, when we know best.  We employ the most talented and brightest in the state of New Mexico, who bring a diverse range of skills and expertise.  With an operating budget of $11.5 million, and a track record of fiscal and programmatic responsibility for nearly 40 years, we got this.

When we have to continue asking for funds, year after year, while also demonstrating that we need them, we take precious time and resources away from the work that truly matters.  We want to devote more of your faith to our clients, so please, let us do that.  Your commitment will allow us to count on your gifts and steward your relationship, without a yearly ask or the burdens that come with unfair responsibility.

When agencies like ours are asked to repeatedly demonstrate our need for funding, as well as present and track outcomes that are often unrealistic or don’t factor in discriminatory and racist practices that have led us to homelessness (please read our Statement of Intense and Profound Love for more information on this), we are placed in a position of immediate inferiority.  Even when we prove that housing is really the only solution to homelessness (last year, we permanently housed over 400 individuals and families, for example), we are still expected to continue reporting, asking, and cultivating.  Time and time again, we are placed in a position of immediate inferiority.  In this scenario, without you, there is no us.

But what if we shifted the paradigm, and instead of “Without you, there is no us,” it became, “Without you, there is no you and me?”   We are in relationship together in this community, balanced and reciprocal.  Let’s continue building on our shared values and our shared desire to effect change as it relates to homelessness.  We want equal partnership.

How do I sign up?

Please visit our Multi-Year Transformational Giving form here:

I have questions.

And we have answers (and may have some questions for you, too).  Reach out to Annam, Chief Development and Communications Officer, at or via phone at (505) 242-4399 ext. 238.   Annam loves to listen!