Since September 3, 2015, There’s A Better Way Program has provided 932 jobs to an unduplicated 302 people.  At last count, 116 of these people have been connected with various employment opportunities through our Job Development office.  112 people have been connected with behavioral health and substance abuse services, and 9 people have been placed into permanent supportive housing.  Below you will find an example of just one of great success stories from this program and links to a few of the media stories that have covered this amazing program:

Adam initially made contact with St. Martin’s via the “There’s A Better Way” program.  Prior to working on the van, Adam had been homeless for three years and had struggled with drug addiction.  He had been forced to panhandle when he needed money for food and other basic necessities.  Through the There’s A Better Way program, he was introduced to the array of services that St. Martin’s has to offer.  Since then, he has been accepted into the Comprehensive Recovery Program.  He now has a Community Support Worker (CSW) that his helping him to navigate his daily life.  He has received a housing voucher through the NM Supportive Housing Coalition and has gone to Gift Givers Anonymous to obtain all the household items he needed. He has also been granted General Assistance funds through the NM Human Services Department and is in the final decision review for his Social Security Disability claim with his lawyer.  Adam attends weekly appointments with his CSW and attends therapy and support groups weekly as well.  He also utilizes the psychiatric services we offer and is on medication to treat his mental health concerns.