Mission: To place people into day labor jobs that will supplement their income in order to stabilize their lives, while also connecting them to additional   support services.

Sam initially made contact with St. Martin’s Better Way Day Labor program after hearing about it by word of mouth while staying at the Albuquerque Opportunity Center.  Prior to coming to St. Martins, Sam had been homeless for several weeks after experiencing domestic problems at home.  He had been forced out on streets and needed money for food and other basic necessities.  During his intake, Sam stated that he did not want to panhandle and that he would rather work. He just needed a chance to do so.  After attending St. Martin’s Better Way Day Labor orientation, Sam was very diligent about coming in each morning and making himself available for day labor opportunities.

After Sam received his first day labor assignment it was obvious that he was serious about working and has received kudos from employers and homeowners about his job performance.  Sam has been sent out for day labor opportunities over 10 times and has used his earnings to pay his cell phone bill, pay the fee to renew his passport, and soon hopes have enough money to pay an attorney to renew his work permit.  He was recently able to get out of the shelter and has returned home to his family.  In the future, Sam plans to use St. Martin’s job programs and services to find permanent employment in order to truly stabilize his life.