Annette came into the St. Martin’s Employment Training Program, The Coffee Shop, because her family put her on the streets.  She did not get along with her family especially her sister.  Being an older female, she was worried that she would never find full time employment.  During her time at the Coffee Shop, she was very reliable and never missed a day of work.  She filled out a lot of applications and went on numerous interviews but wasn’t able to secure a full time position.

During the last week of the program she finally found employment.  She secured a part time position with Walmart as an overnight stocker.  She worked at Walmart for a several months. Recently, she landed a full time position as a mental health worker.  The company is willing to pay for continuing education classes so that Annette can be ready for her new role.

She recently came to the Coffee Shop and updated us on her progress.  She is in high spirits and found a new motivation – helping others.  She is now working hard to obtain the necessary credentials and certifications to start in her new role – all while being paid!  She is grateful to her church and to the Coffee Shop for giving her the much strength and support she needed.  Thinking back to when she started the program, she realized that being an older female was definitely a challenge when seeking employment but never a reason to give up.