Dawn is a client of St. Martin’s Day Shelter and during a time of need, came in with tattered clothing, and was in need of clothing for a job interview that same day. St. Martin’s Shelter recognized the importance of her need, especially for her job interview, so we let her browse through a donation of new clothes recently donated to the clothing room. We were able to help her pick an excellent outfit for her needs. She was very happy and excited, and now is ready to go to her job interviews with the proper attire.

Dawn was very grateful that we allowed her to get some clothing outside of the standard time, and that we made an exception for her needs. We recognized the importance of her situation at the time, so it was a great feeling for us to be able to help her out with that. She left with her head up and her shoulders high, and went off to her job interviews.

St. Martin’s Day Shelter was happy to help Dawn, and give her some confidence that she could project on her job interview. With the right efforts and communication, Dawn was able to overcome a situation of attire, and able to come up with a solution with the help of St. Martin’s. We are truly happy that our clients can come up to staff and we can help. Great feeling and Dawn was truly confident after our assistance.