Juan is a 61 year old client who’s been eating at St Martin’s Day Shelter for 6 years. He came into the Shelter depressed and distant with his friends and staff.  In the past Juan had no desire to engage. The Shelter’s Client Advocate and staff started engaging Juan.  Juan told staff that he “didn’t feel good” and was having suicidal ideation. St. Martin’s Client Advocate immediately created a plan of action for Juan, printing out a map of resources for crisis services and helping him with transportation.  Juan said he was thankful for the time and resources.  The following week Juan returned with a smile and meds, thanking the staff at St Martin’s for empowering and assisting him in a time of personal crisis. Juan used the resources to get an emergency mental assessment and registered for services.

Last week Juan made an appointment for Behavioral Health and housing services through St. Martins. The staff at St. Martin’s collectively works as a team to help clients like Juan every day.  St. Martin’s Day Shelter is a place of refuge, and a place for clients to come for support.