Mr. Little came to Psych. Social Rehab (PSR) program of St. Martin’s about a year ago. When Mr. Little first arrived at PSR, he spoke no English and was afraid to participate in group therapy. He spent most of his time translating through other clients or isolating. Over time, he began to open up and starting speaking English. He even began reading the PSR beliefs in group. Mr. Little is positive and constantly works toward overall recovery. On the inside however, he is dealing with a multitude of physical and mental health issues.

He is suffering from severe depression, due mostly to the rejection he has experience from his family the majority of his life. He also had no income and would often go hungry and wouldn’t be able to pay his bills. Countless times he would call us crying and on the verge of suicide. Mr. Little broke out in tears when a PSR staff assured him that we all care about him and want to help him succeed. He has begun making improvements in each of these areas by the help of SMHC. First he was housed, which changed the dynamics of his stress. Then he was able to get a Spanish speaking provider who helped not only decrease his medications but also help him understand their purpose.

Last week, Mr. Little was approved for government assistance and food stamps and has been able to afford his monthly bills while having consistent food supply. He is so thankful and appreciative for staff having hope for him that he wasn’t able to have for himself. He is slowly but surely beginning to grasp the idea that all of SMHC staff have been instilling in him; there IS hope for his future and St. Martin’s and PSR plan to walk beside him. Mr. Little is a special soul. He has improved his outlook and now he talks about the future with an optimistic outlook.