We are going to name this client Violet.  She is graduating from St. Martin’s PSR, Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program today. After more than four years attending regularly.

Violet has come a long way. When she first came to St. Martins she was homeless and pregnant. She was diagnosed with an explosive disorder which caused to her to be very angry, and she would have outbursts of rage. She knew very little about emotional stability and emotional intelligence, and had very few healthy personal relationships. Violet would often become angry and aggressive during PSR time with other group members and often talked about depression and anxiety.  This is definitely not the Violet that we know today. Today she has been able to build for herself a support system of people who have helped her to become not only more aware of her anger issues, but she now has learned to control these emotional outbursts. Violet has been able to find a doctor who has helped her to find a combination of medications to assist her, and she takes then as prescribed on a daily basis. She has talked about a time when she stopped taking her meds without consulting her doctor and she then told me “I’ll never do that again.” That is a great example of self-awareness. As far as healthy relationships are concerned, Violet is still working on finding the one, however from what we understand she is making great connections with the women at her women’s group for 12 step recovery. Violet is taking her job as a parent very seriously and has taken a parenting class and can tell you which method of parenting she prefers to use with her children. One of the coolest things Violet has been able to do is educate herself in order to properly advocate for her daughter who has special needs. She has been able to step in to the role of co-parenting her daughter and has been able to voice her concerns for her two children, not only to their fathers, but the courts and schools as well.

When we first met Violet, she told us that it was her hope to become a peer as well. Well guess what? She did do it. Violet participated in the Peer Support Worker training, studied until her eyes couldn’t read any more and then took a very difficult exam. She was certified. Violet was also able to make some connections while at the annual PSR conference, she was able to get hooked up with the Peer Bridger’s program at UNMH where she volunteers once a week. Violet has been housed for quite some time now, and is nearing the top of the Section 8 waiting list. She has all of the pieces in place in order to be a successful, productive and independent woman. There is no resource that Violet cannot find, and no challenge that she cannot overcome if she puts her mind to it.