The Outreach Team, a program of St. Martin’s, is easily accessible to clients who cannot bring themselves to set foot in the Shelter or Behavioral Health.  This happened when Myron came in and sat next to an Outreach member’s desk.  We had never encountered him before and he seemed really down.  Outreach spoke with him and quickly learned that Myron was in distress.  He whispered that he wanted to kill himself.  We called the police and engaged Myron further.  While we waited, Myron left the building and Outreach was able to flag down an officer and we set off looking for Myron but alas he eluded us.

A week later, Myron came by Outreach and apologized for last week.  Myron struggles to walk, and has rheumatoid arthritis, and also has a torn meniscus, although he really feels safe with Outreach around.  Myron was also in need of an ID and social security card.  He was blown away when we could help him obtain these items for him.

Myron was perplexed when encouraged to check in with Outreach periodically.  Myron was ready when his Linkages voucher became available, and just recently had his orientation last week.  St. Martin’s Housing Advocate was able to get him into a hotel, so he didn’t have to camp out while looking for an apartment.  He’s scheduled to meet with an apartment manager this week.  A new and changed Myron and the Outreach team are getting used to his smile, that wasn’t there before.