Steven is a gentleman who was referred St. Martin’s Housing Department by the Shelter staff in late October. He had just finished a recovery and addiction program, and was employed part-time through a temp agency. He was actively seeking a full-time position, which made him a perfect candidate for the MFA’S Rapid Rehousing Program (RRH). Due to the self-sufficiency and short-term nature of the program, the RRH program requires clients to be employed. Almost immediately it became quite apparent that if Steven received assistance with his initial move-in costs, that he would be able to house himself and continue on his road to stabilization. He was screened and was determined to be eligible for the program. He was to look for a studio or a very affordable 1- bedroom. Steven astounded the Housing Department staff by not only locating an affordable apartment, but exceeding expectations by locating his 1 bedroom, all utilities included apartment. It certainly was a wonderful experience to be able to inform Steven that he was going to be able to live exactly where he wanted to, and the smile upon his face really displayed his joy and appreciation.

Steven is currently meeting all program requirements and continues to strive towards excellence and self-sufficiency, one step at a time. He is the very reason why a program like this can be a successful one, as his dedication, perseverance and patience ended up really paying off! Steven continues to display his infectious smile during every encounter with SMHC’s staff, and reminds us all why we do what we do.