Walter came to the St. Martin’s Housing department in November, 2015, and had just been released from jail.  Walter made it a point to keep in contact with St. Martin’s Screening and Referral Specialist regularly; checking in to see where he was on the wait list, and also just to say, “Hello!”  Walter has been very persistent, ambitious, dedicated, motivated, and yet patient and kind at every barrier and road block that he had to endure on his quest to find permanent housing.

Walter applied for the Rapid Rehousing Program in January, 2016, and after review of his job development progress and will to succeed, St. Martin’s provided him with the support he needed in order to help him house himself.  Walter is now a Coffee Shop intern, and he also just moved into his new apartment in March, 2016.

Walter’s file contains four letters of support from various staff members from different organizations in the Albuquerque area.  Walter is now housed in an affordable unit, he is employed, and most of all he is happy and grateful to be moving forward and making progress in his life. The smile on this man’s face just says it all!