Tobias came to the Heading Home, a program of St. Martin’s Hospitality Center 3 years ago. He was in prison off and on for over 30 years for various offenses. The outcome of his last trial was 90 days of monitoring by community corrections and then 3 years of unsupervised probation. During his previous incarceration they had discovered a tumor in his intestine and at that time he was also in the early stages of kidney failure. For the first several months that Tobias was housed he refused to begin treatment for his kidney failure citing the uncertainty of his case. Finally, in early 2014 when the case settled, he began dialysis. He has gone 3 times a week, every week, for over 2 years.

Dialysis is hard on the body and he spends a lot of his time laying down and resting. In spite of all of the pain and discomfort Tobias still has a sense of humor. His apartment is always clean, and he cooks most of his own meals. He visits with family and keeps an eye on his neighbors. He is generous with what little he has, and he tends the roses that grow by his apartment. These roses are his pride and joy, and with what little energy he has, is spent truly for him. Heading Home gave him the opportunity for a home and a life, but Tobias is the one who has made the most of that opportunity in spite of every challenge. Heading Home has been able to support Tobias in a number of ways since he was housed, including obtaining an electric scooter to assist him in getting to appointments and running errands.