Andy entered Dismas House, a program of St. Martin’s Hospitality Center in August 2015 after spending the last two years in prison.  He is 55 years old, recovering from alcohol addiction, and has had a significant history of anger issues.

Andy has inhibiting knee pain, but was determined to work.  He has a lot of experience in construction, masonry, moving and roofing, but had a tough time finding employment.  Andy became engaged in employment services from St. Martin’s Job Development program.  Goodwill soon hired Andy in their ninety-day employment training program.  There, he was able to build his resume, and look for work while saving money for his own apartment.

During his time at Dismas House, Andy was very intentional about staying sober.  He became committed to his daily Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and also became involved in a local church.  Andy graduated at Dismas House Thanksgiving event, and is now living in his own apartment and has a fulltime job.

Andy took full advantage of the resources, treatment, and support at Dismas House.  Andy was able to overcome some “make-or-break” times with the support of Dismas House staff, other Dismas House residents, and his own self-determination.  He has been out of the program for nearly five months and just recently completed his parole in April.  Andy continues to focus on his recovery and rebuilding relationships with his loved ones.