CDP has been able to have several success stories this year due to the work and effort that CDP CSWs give to the clients. I would then like to talk specifically about one client in particular, that with support has made his way to recovery.

Lou is a 46 yr. old man, who is diagnosed with Major Depression, PTSD and Alcohol Dependence. He came to CDP a year ago to be screened and was told that CDP had a waitlist of approximately 6 months. Lou decided that he wanted to be placed on the list and would be constructive with his time. He then engaged the Good Shepherd to help him. He was able to get a foundation for sobriety and came to CDP in January. He was wanting to focus his efforts on his Mental Illness and fully realized that his obesity was due to not talking about what was going on with him. As Lou began to address the isolation from his Depression and the nightmares from PTSD and the food dependence to avoid voicing his feelings, he noticed that his confidence was rising and that he could recover. Lou has made steady progress and will be moving forward to put his life on a positive track. With the help of his CSW, he became confident enough to ask for assistance to return to school. He will be at UNM in the fall to finish a degree in Sociology. He has been very involved in community activities and become a leader in various activities. Lou reports minimal nightmares of late and has been working on a diet since coming to CDP which has helped him to begin to reduce his weight. Lou will graduate with a positive outlook for the future and over a year in recovery.


France Bordeleau, LCSW