Travis is a 41 year old Native American male, who was born and raised in NW New Mexico.  He had been wandering the streets for many years, when he decided to come to Albuquerque to begin a new start. Unfortunately, he was still drinking and found himself just in a different geographic location doing the same things.  He decided that this was not the way he wanted to live but did not know where to turn.  While at the Good Shepherd shelter, he learned that he could do their 6 month program and learn about sobriety.  Once he completed that program, he realized that he had mental health issues that were interfering with his recovery.  He then came to Casa de Phoenix, a program of St. Martin’s.  While there, he learned that his depression could be managed.

Travis graduated CDP on May 1st.  He will continue in an aftercare program so that he can continue to address the issues that brought him to homelessness.  He has built up a strong support group that he will maintain contact with.  He has also obtained a job that will work with him on continuing his education at Central New Mexico Community College.  Travis has become a strong leader in the CDP community and is admired for his diligence at continuing to pursue his dreams.