Barbie entered St. Martin’s Assertive Community Treatment, ACT, in February of 2011. She will turn 60 in October of this year. Barbie has a long time history of mental illness, accompanied by significant homeless issues in the past. Barbie expressed in the past that she had no hope for her future but when she got admitted to the ACT team she knew everything would be okay, some way, somehow.

Despite this client having a severe mental illness, she has been trying to survive all of these years and to make the most out of her life. During her time in the ACT program she has been able to obtain benefits and maintain them, maintain her housing and be a contributing member to her church and society. Barbie is an active member in her congregation and has a history of working with prisoners that are in need of religious outreach. Barbie has been a tutor for students of Spanish-speaking backgrounds and has provided English as a Second Language instruction to students. In her free time, Barbie enjoys utilizing her FM transmitter radio to reach out to others and to listen to independent shows.

Barbie has a son that she had lost contact with since the 1980’s and did rigorous research to reunify with him this past year. During the time that she has been reunited with her son, she found out a lot of information about her him. She found out that her son has a beautiful family and he is in a prestigious position in the military. Most recently, her son was a contestant on the famous game show “Wheel of Fortune” and she got to see him compete and be victorious. Barbie plans on keeping in contact with her son and re-strengthening the family structure and the relationship.  Barbie is also excited to be a grandmother for the first time in the next couple of months!  She has a trip planned for October to meet her son and grandchild!

Barbie often leaves her apartment to run errands independently. These errands include going to church meetings and gatherings to volunteer, paying her bills independently, attending medical appointments and helping others that are in need. Barbie has a history of going to a home for the elderly to visit people that just need somebody to talk to.

Barbie is a perfect example of somebody that fits the St. Martin’s Hospitality Center mission, and can now go forward to assist others that may be homeless and near homeless by providing resources, opportunities and hope. Barbie is now able to follow her greatest hope, the freedom to choose her own path.