Employment plays such a vital role in the lives of HopeWorks clients.  Those that want to work are given the opportunity to earn money in several ways through our Employment Services Department.  This story highlights how much of a difference just a little assistance can help someone in need.

A polite and ambitious young man named Larry walked into the Hope Center looking for someone that could tell him more about the There’s A Better Way van program. Larry explained that he and his girlfriend were trying to get from California to Florida in order to reunite with his family whom he had not seen in over a decade.  They had left California a few days earlier and had experienced nothing but hardship along the way.  The radiator in their car broke while they were in Arizona. This unexpected expense had almost depleted their travel money but they were determined to get home for Thanksgiving.  They repaired their car and got back on the road.  By the time they got to Albuquerque, they were out of money for gas and had resorted to panhandling. While panhandling, Larry was introduced to Will from our There’s a Better Way program. Larry was excited by the chance to work and earn the money they needed to continue to Florida. Larry and his girlfriend worked with the HopeWorks staff to secure two days of work with the Better Way Van as well as some assistance through available Emergency Travel Assistance Funds.

Larry stopped by the Hope Center before they left to let staff know how grateful they were for all of the assistance that HopeWorks was able to provide. He said he was excited to see his family and that they were all waiting to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday with them. Larry’s story is a wonderful example of how a little help can go a long way.