Bob arrived at Dismas House after being incarcerated for two years years. He is well educated, but due to his criminal history he is no longer able to find work in his field of expertise. Nevertheless, Bob remained optimistic and accepting of his situation. By the second week of his stay at Dismas House, he found work at a gas station.

Bob never missed a day of work despite having to cross Albuquerque at three in the morning on his bicycle to get there.  After two months of work he was promoted because of his reliability and work ethic. Bob started saving money immediately. He bought a car to commute to work, paid his program fees early, and started to save enough money to obtain his own apartment when the time came to move out.

Bob has since graduated from the Dismas House program. He is renting his own apartment and remains employed full time.

The focus, determination and motivation Bob showed was an inspiration for the Dismas House clients and staff. His initiative was contagious to other clients. Soon after Bob started working all of the other residents in his house found jobs too. Bob did not just graduate the program, he was a role model for other residents and his motivation affected and inspired many others at Dismas House.

Currently enrolled in Aftercare, Bob continues to visit the campus when he can and remains an inspiration to our guests and our staff.