Even the smallest steps in the right direction can make a difference.

When “Phillip” entered HopeWorks’ CRT program, his mental health problems were completely un-managed. Phillip was dealing with bipolar disorder, which was exacerbated by a traumatic brain injury he had suffered. He had great difficultly controlling his emotions and could often be heard berating his Community Support Worker (CSW). He would often try to “fire” his CSW’s when he felt like they weren’t doing what he wanted. Phillip struggled with maintaining housing, as he would try to “fix” things in his apartment and would end up breaking his appliances and furnishings. In a two year span, he moved into four different apartments. However, about six months ago, things began to change for Phillip. He and his CSW found a landlord who was willing to give him a chance to find stability and was patient with Phillip’s mood swings. Phillip also met with HopeWorks therapist and while he was extremely skeptical at first, started to take medications to help stabilize his moods. Phillip also became more open to finding primary care services and has been working with the same CSW for the past year. Phillip has now been in his apartment for six months and is starting to feel more comfortable with his medications. While Phillip still has a long ways to go and still struggles with his temper from time to time, the progress he has made is truly remarkable.