Sara came to the Covenant House program after being incarcerated for three years. She had a history of domestic violence, drug abuse and was estranged from her family and children. Sara came to Covenant House after being found by Probation and Parole, absconded and overdosed. She would say often that being found saved her life and continued to express gratitude at being accepted into the program.

She had been in an abusive relationship for many years, was forced to take drugs, and had lost her family over the relationship.  But Sara was a survivor. She was ready for change, and ready to accept any opportunities that came her way. Her growth in the program from entry to graduation was nothing short of remarkable.

Within five days of her arrival, she had applied for all her benefits, had doctor and dental appointments lined up, and had secured a job. She was ready for change and change she did!

Sara accomplished every one of her treatment goals that she had set, including getting her own apartment. She is now successfully living on her own; in the apartment she procured while in the program. Sara is still working full time at her job, and is now saving money to get her own car. She is still in touch with staff at Covenant.

While she is still not in contact with her family she is working on it, and remains hopeful for reconciliation.  Hope. That’s what made the difference for Sara. And hope is what she found in the program. We are all grateful for Sara, her progress and for the opportunity to work with the future clients like Sara.