“Working at the Coffee Shop has been a huge part of my recovery and re-socialization.  I credit this work program and HopeWorks for my newly restored confidence. I had been avoiding looking for work because I don’t felt confident in my skills.  The Coffee Shop’s internship program has been a great way for me to practice talking to people, learning to deal with authority in management and those of law enforcement who patronize The Coffee Shop.

I credit the Coffee Shop’s internship program with restoring my confidence, lessening my anxiety, and giving me a positive attitude. When my internship ends I am confident that I will be able to use the skills I learned to find a job and continue succeeding.

Bless the HopeWorks’ employees and programs for giving me hope, and a way to reach my goals.” – “Max”

When “Max” applied for the Coffee Shop Employment Program he didn’t think he would get the job. He was worried that his age and previous criminal conviction would prevent him from finding employment. After spending 40+ years in jail he knew that he needed to build new skills to supplement his resume.

At first, Max seemed shy and quiet but he was also observing and listening.  He never missed a shift and was never late.  Because of his dependability,  he was promoted to Lead Intern.  When asked how he felt about being promoted and he said, “I never thought it would be me and I’m very surprised to be Lead Intern”.

In accepting the Lead Intern Position Max has shouldered a number of additional responsibilities around the Shop. He has been able to add these to his list of abilities as he works on applying for permanent employment. Max says that his confidence has been boosted and that he feel like he can apply to the jobs he wants and thinks he would excel at.

Max has come a long way from the quite, shy person that started at the program. He is now a vocal supervisor who insists on teamwork and communication. Because of his dependability, customer service, and positive attitude the staff at HopeWorks have no doubt that he will soon secure a full time position where he can flourish.