Paula came in to Casa de Phoenix, (CdP), in November of last year she has been through several recovery programs and would continuously relapse once she left the other programs. Paula struggled with severe anger and agitation; she has been diagnosed with PTSD and severe alcohol use disorder. Because of her addiction, she was not able to pay her rent, and was evicted from her last apartment. She struggled to manage her mental health symptoms and had difficulty managing the racing thoughts and poor concentration. Paula also has many health concerns and physical limitations that have made it hard for her to work, or to find a job that can accommodate her needs. She also lost all connection with her two daughters because of her addiction.

In the time that she has been in CdP, Paula has grown into a very different person. She is no longer hesitant to ask for help when she needs it. She has maintained her sobriety for one year now, and has a strong and healthy relationship with her daughters who come to visit her on a weekly basis. She is no longer bitter and angry at the world, and is able to cope with her feelings and emotions. Paula has also recently obtained a job at PetSmart, that she is truly enjoying. She couldn’t have found a better job. Paula’s love for animals and her beloved dog, Koda, is what she says motivates her to be a better person. We are so proud of her, and are so happy that she has found the happiness she truly deserves.