Sam is a young man who has been with the HopeWorks Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Team for over three years.  Sam has a history of multiple psychiatric hospitalizations and incarcerations. When he first came to be an ACT client, he was resistant to meeting with the ACT Team and would avoid them if possible. When he did meet with the team, he often would not talk to staff. He was often visiting friends and using drugs when ACT would visit. Over the past year, Sam has started making changes in his life. He started meeting with the team more often and started taking his medications regularly. He is now on a 3 month medication regime and asks staff when he is due to take it.  Sam is now able to recognize that his thinking is clearer when he takes his medication as prescribed. He lives with his sister and brother-in-law and oftentimes helps them around the house. He is also working on having a landscaping and yard business in his neighborhood.  Now when the ACT Team visits with Sam they can have a conversation as he is willing to talk with them. He looks forward to their visits. His family is very happy with the changes that Sam has made in his life. Sam has not been hospitalized since his admission to ACT and is living his life more independently.