Like many of the clients who are referred to the HopeWorks ACT Program, Debbie came into the program during a time of great distress. After her and her ex-husband divorced, they had begun a long custody battle over their youngest son. Debbie did not handle this well; because her youngest son is, as she puts it, her whole world. With the assistance of the Albuquerque Police Department and a brief stay in a mental health hospital, she was placed on medications and accepted into the ACT Program.

The ACT Team has known Debbie for two years and has seen her struggle with. stability. It is hard for her to find respite due to the ongoing custody battle with her ex-husband. She has mentioned many times that, before her current crisis she was able to manage her Bipolar Disorder with minimal, if any medication and the tremendous support of her family. Debbie hopes to someday obtain that level of stability again. The so far road has not been easy. Debbie has had a few hospitalizations and has been incarcerated over the past couple of years. She has engaged in many counseling sessions with all members of the ACT team.

If anything can be said about Debbie, it is that she is a fighter. The ACT Team can truly say that Debbie has triumphed and is now, not only stable, she is stable without any medication and is looking forward to being discharged soon from the ACT program. She no longer needs their services. Debbie’s increasing stability  has allowed her to represent herself in court, fighting for custody over her son. The ACT Team states that Debbie is a joy to work with. They are confident that she will continue to press on with the skills she has learned and she will maintain the family support that she depends on.