Donald, a 39 year old Hispanic male, just released from prison, recently walked into Job Development, looking for employment.  Being an ex-con, it’s difficult to find employment, but that did not stop Donald.  He was determined to succeed.  Donald submitted applications after applications and was hired at a local restaurant.  Donald also enrolled in school, and was able to save up and purchase a vehicle.

Unfortunately, Donald lost his job due to parole reporting issues.  Donald was discouraged, and went to his parole officer requesting that he be transferred to Arizona. This is when St. Martin’s Housing Program stepped in, and allowed Donald to stay in a motel. This gave Donald a recharge, and was able to regroup, and gain full time employment.  Donald did not blame anyone else for his predicament, or go back to substances or treated unfair by his parole officer. Being an ex-con without any family support, and being homeless, makes it very difficult to secure a job, but Donald did and is looking into securing housing.  Donald made it a point to succeed.