Judy is a woman that came to the Money Free Store at St. Martin’s Gift Givers program with her UNM case manager, to shop for much needed items for her new home.  Judy had been homeless several times in her life and had lost a son to drug addiction.  Judy felt totally lost and alone and reached out to UNM Psych services for assistance.


Judy was able to choose her own microwave, coffee pot, pots/pans, cooking utensils and other household items for her new home.  She looked completely overwhelmed with joy and eagerness.  Judy perused the furniture area, and immediately ran over to a rocking chair, plopped herself into it and began rocking back and forth.  Judy eagerly scanned the row of twin sheets, her eyes lit up as she discovered her most favorite color of all, purple.  As she went to the shelves to choose a comforter for her bed, she burst into tears as she was able to choose her favorite color of all you guessed it, purple once again!


Later that day, her case manager shared that as Judy was leaving GGA, she repeatedly asked, “Do I have to pay them (GGA) back?”  The case manager gently told her no, she did not have to pay anyone back. The case manager explained that the items she received were donated by some wonderful people in the community.  Judy’s response was, “They will be in my prayers forever!”