The Comprehensive Recovery Team Mission Monday is about our client, Mitchell.  Mitchell is a 47 year male with the mental health diagnosis of PTSD, major depressive disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury.  Mitchell had been a client with St. Martin’s Shelter for over a year.

At first Mitchell was apprehensive with the thought of needing or wanting behavioral health services, but after being assigned a Community Support Worker (CSW), St. Martin’s was able to provide him with a behavioral health team, a psych provider and has an established primary care provider.

Mitchell was also assisted with his social security and disability application and was approved in 6 weeks.  He qualified for housing through the Shelter Plus Care program and received all of the household items he needed for his new home through St. Martin’s Gift Givers Anonymous program.

Sometimes client’s feel they do not need our services or admit they need help, but with St. Martin’s programs, working collaboratively, we are able to wrap services around our clients and assist them in the process of getting their life back.