Casa de Phoenix is a substance abuse treatment program at St. Martin’s.  LeChelle, one of our clients’ is getting ready to graduate successfully early next month.  LeChelle arrived at Casa De Phoenix in July of 2015.  LeChelle came from the Women’s Recovery Center, and had no real contact with her family or her children and as she stated, “no real hope for the future”.

Since the program, LeChelle has been able to establish, not only contact with her family, but also all of her children, and grandkids.  She has been able to spend time with her family, and has been able to get passes from her Parole Officer, for weekends to Las Cruces to spend time with her family to include her grandkids.

LeChelle stated “the program here as helped me so much to deal with all of the things that were going on with me, and to deal with everything. Thank you so much for all the help to deal with recovery and to learn all of the coping skills to deal with not only my recovery, but my mental health as well. I now have a family that trusts me again, and I would recommend the program very highly. I have come so far, and thank you for helping me find me again”.