George was a successful paramedic and head coach at a Division I University.  After years of experiencing significant trauma as a result of being a first responder, George developed PTSD and began using alcohol as a coping mechanism.  Eventually, George lost his job, his family, and friends.  He became homeless.  After six years of being homeless, George entered the HopeWorks Comprehensive Recovery Team (CRT) program.  As a result of his drinking, George initially struggled to engage in services.  He often would forget he had an appointment, come in days after his appointment was scheduled, or display significant apathy toward goal oriented services – and was oftentimes inebriated. Despite the difficulty, his Community Support Worker (CSW) refused to give up on him, continuing to remind George of the help that CRT provides and the supports that were available.  George was finally able to obtain housing via the Almost Home program.  Since obtaining housing, he has been able to feel secure, and more able to cope with his experiences without the alcohol. He has recently engaged in therapy, continues to meet his CSW more consistently, and is goal-oriented with regard to his healing and recovery.  George has reconnected with his family members and continues to make strides toward being sober, stable, and successful.