Density in celestial bodies contain many charged components, which are powerful on their own but transformative when compressed.  Connectivity exists between these components, and without it, nothing would hold.  Ultimately, though, the core is comprised of foundational materials: without these elements, and the subsequent pressure of everything upon itself, the core would fragment.

In a similar way, we have been thrust into a time of incredible compaction.  We are being squeezed, pressed, and refined because of limitations in resources, restrictions upon our independence, a tightening of the mental, emotional, and spiritual faculties.  Our “charged components” are our people: those working with never-ending passion and relentless purpose.  Our glue is our operating costs (affectionately called “overhead”), which is key to our connection within ourselves and to the community.  The HopeWorks core—the many years of building, growing, innovating—remains strong, and whatever we do, moving forward, we must preserve and protect the integrity of this core, so that we do not fragment.

During this time of compaction, when it’s become clear to many agencies across the country that the “old way of doing business” is no longer relevant, HopeWorks wants to invite you to consider a new way of giving: a new way of supporting this “core.”

With truth and trust, comes relationship and responsibility.  Do you trust us?  Do you have faith that we will uphold honesty, be transparent in our work, and always remain committed to those without homes?

Moving forward, we will shift our focus to raise funds in support of the elements that make us who we are.  To this end, we’d like to invite you to donate without restriction, across three critical, mission-aligned funds.  These funds highlight the interconnectedness of who we are, what we’re made of, and how to remain tightly unified, knowing that this work will require patience and endurance.

Any donations made to the following three funds will be unrestricted:

We hope you will consider this new way of giving, with the promise of a continued relationship and responsibility with HopeWorks.  If you have any questions about these funds, please contact Annam Manthiram, Chief Development and Communications Officer, at, or via phone at (505) 242-4399 ext. 238.